Hmmm….  starting across the country.

The first day we traveled across New England and into New York state.  It was a beautiful drive on small roads.  We camped beside a small pond in Hornell with the sound of cars in the background but a beautiful moon.  Today I revisited Alfred where I went to college and then we drove through PA and into Ohio.  In Ohio we drove by huge fields of corn and soybeans that looked like an experiment in genetic engineering from the signs that were posted along the side.  It was a little creepy – the size of the fields and the signs posted everywhere with batch numbers on them.  Small lawns were carved out of the huge fields of soybeans.  Later, we decided to can our camping plans for the night and stay in a hotel because of thunderstorms that we have had all day.  I’m writing from the Comfort Inn in Huber, OH.

After driving around Huber, looking for a bookstore (apparently no such thing exists) and having a terrible Mexican meal, we’ve decided that Ohio is not our favorite state.  Look out – tomorrow we’re on to Indiana!


3 responses to “Traveling

  1. I am sure that there are better parts of Ohio than right along the interstate. I may have been just a tad cranky that night since our plans were waylaid by the rain and we weren’t planning a stay in a motel. The state parks we visited throughout the country were almost always beautiful and so in comparison, the Comfort Inn, while dry, was not so much fun!

  2. Reading with delight the adventures of Gail and Simon! Thank you for sharing!! By the way, Ohio is not so bad, you just hit a pothole along the road…
    Jonas and I just got in at midnight last night from a quick trip of delivering Emily to her senior (!) year at Goucher College. B’more is a great place for her and we love to visit her there.
    ALL THE BEST, Simon!! Have a great year!

  3. Sorry I missed the send-off! Safe travels and can’t wait to hear all about it when you get home. Good luck Simon!

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