If Wishes Were Horses

I remember hearing some adult in my family say to me “If wishes were horses, we’d all have a ride.” I have repeated this when I’ve heard someone wish for something that seems to be completely out of reach – winning megabucks, world peace – you know – that sort of thing.

The last time I said it, I listened to myself and realized that behind the smart words was a cynical tone.  The feeling that I was expressing  was “Why are you wishing for such things?  Come back to reality.  Live in the real world where there aren’t enough horses for everyone.”

It must have felt that way when someone said it to me.

Today, I want to encourage those wishes.  I want to encourage the hope that lies behind the wishing.  I want to talk about how you make wishes come true.

I wrote the following words for my son during a difficult time.  As I read them again, I want to repeat the words I started with: “If wishes were horses, we’d all have a ride.”  Only this time I’ll add – “and how wonderful that would be – just wishing is the first step to making them come true.”

What I wish for you

I wish that you find passion in your life and the courage to pursue it.

I wish that you have the strength to meet your struggles head on with integrity and honesty.

I wish that your mind be filled with curiosity and openness to new ideas.

I wish that your life be filled with awareness of the people who love you.

I wish that you love as much as you are loved.

I wish that you are able to greet each new day with joy and anticipation.

I wish that at the end of a hard day, you find a cup of tea and peaceful sleep.

I wish that you heal quickly from the injuries that life brings.

I wish that you find something that you are willing to work very hard for and that you do the work and find the satisfaction of a well earned reward.


One response to “If Wishes Were Horses

  1. Beautiful sentiments… I, too, feel rich with blessings and wish the same for the people I know and love.

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