8 responses to “Gallery


    HI Gail, Just popped in after you posted on my blog. Your work is WONDERFUL! Full of color and expression. I love the one titled Project F.

    • Thanks so much! I really enjoyed reading your blog. Project F has some of my favorite colors in it and I’m fascinated with mathematical drawings!

  2. Hey Karen! Great to see you here! I’m glad you like my lark. That print was a result of my NM trip.

  3. Thanks Laura! Doing art is a great way to break away from the computer!

  4. karen broemme

    so Exciting to see your art!
    love your unique color combos…On a Lark jumps off my computer screen ~ with it’s bold presence.
    see you on the farm,

  5. hi Gail!
    great to see your work, its really great!

    i look longingly at my art supplies, but i’m in front of the computer too much (at least its not doing accounting or something like that).

    would love to egg you on to visit CT
    Love, Laura

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