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My House / My Studio

Last night I went to bed reading Studios Magazine that a friend had lent to me.  I woke up this morning with the gigantic revelation that – wait for this – you will be amazed – I will be the only person living in my house starting in September and my whole house can be my studio if I want it to be!  OK – so I’m a little slow sometimes but this is huge!

It means that the closet in the studio that currently holds interesting clothing items like kimonos and vintage dresses that have absolutely nothing to do with printmaking, can be moved to – oh my gosh – the closet in the hall!  And then…. And then…. The studio closet could be retrofitted for – imagine this – paper!!!!!!

Out goes whatever has been stored in the lower cabinets all these years (honestly – when was the last time I actually opened them?) and in goes the ink and the brayers.

I started this process a few months ago by moving the sewing stuff into the bedroom and the knitting stuff into the upstairs office – but it was minor compared to what I’m imagining now.  Why couldn’t the living room be used as a workshop area if I decide to hold a class?!!  Why is this such a revelation?!

I know that I’m using way too many exclamation points here but I can’t help it – my whole house can be the studio!!!!!!!!!!!!

What I saw as I was looking at all of these beautiful studios in the magazine was personal space that had been created for the artist / by the artist.  Couches and reading areas, wet areas, dry areas, tables to work on, messy areas that don’t have to be cleaned between projects and clean areas for showing off work.  I have all of that.  It’s not in one room but who says it has to be?  I have all of those things in my lovely house.  Oh my gosh – this is totally amazing.  I can do anything I want!