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Since I just got back from vacation it seems very decadent to be thinking about the next one but since it’s only a few days away – here goes!

My son and I are taking a cross country road trip to get him to Durango, Colorado in time for him to begin classes as a Freshman at Fort Lewis College.  I’ve driven across country a total of six times so far in my life and each time was exciting in different ways.  Each time was also an education on how large and incredibly diverse our country is.  I love moving from East to West; watching the terrain change as we speed by.

This trip is planned to try to see some of that diversity in the small amount of time that we have.  We have allotted six days to get from NH to CO.  In that time, we hope to camp exclusively at state parks to get a flavor of the area.  It’s too easy to stay on the interstates and see the country as one big Wal-Mart.

Here are my thoughts (in no particular order, so just as they come to me):

  1. Wheeee!!!!!!     ROAD TRIP!!!!!!
  2. Camping – yikes – 5 days of sleeping on the ground – it’s been a long time.
  3. Music – Hmmmm – I’ve been watching him load up his ipod – I’m hoping he’s kind.
  4. Packing – Let’s see –  One kayak, three pairs of skis, 2 backpacks, camping equipment, college room stuff, a year’s worth of clothing – can you say “the Clampetts”?
  5. Colorado again – It’s been a little over a year since I was last in Durango and I am really looking forward to spending a few days there.
  6. Art stuff – I’m sure I can fit the small bag that holds my art journaling stuff – Who needs that extra sweater?
  7. Kansas – Did I really make a plan that requires a stay in the center of the Squatter State?

Wheeee!!!!!  ROAD TRIP!!!!!!